Article 12

The areas of cooperation under this Convention on prevention of trafficking in persons may, in conformity with the domestic laws of the respective Parties, include appropriate measures, among others:

a. To discourage the demand that fosters all forms of exploitation of persons, especially women and children, that leads to trafficking;

b. To take or strengthen measures where appropriate, such as through bilateral, multilateral or regional cooperation to prevent and combat trafficking in persons, so as to alleviate the factors that make persons, especially women and children, vulnerable to trafficking, such as poverty, underdevelopment and lack of education and equal opportunity;

c. To strengthen policies and programmes to prevent trafficking in persons through research, information, awareness-raising and education campaigns, social and economic initiatives and training programmes, in particular for persons vulnerable to trafficking;

d. To further strengthen regional cooperation in the investigation and prosecution of trafficking in persons cases;

e. To enable free movement of people to take place legally, and to ensure that immigration requirements are adhered to, by disseminating accurate information on the requirements and conditions enabling the legal entry into, exit from, and stay in their respective territories;

f. To exchange and share information on measures to reduce children’s vulnerability to trafficking in persons, so that they can grow up and live in a safe environment;

g. To promote capacity-building, including trainings, technical cooperation, and the holding of regional coordination meetings;

h. To ensure that any person who perpetrates or supports trafficking in persons in brought to justice.