Article 16

1. Each Party shall adopt such measures as may be necessary to ensure that competent authorities dealing with trafficking in persons cases are equipped with appropriate skills or knowledge in the fight against trafficking in persons and the protection of victims of trafficking in persons, and where appropriate, designate specialised units or authorities for this purpose.

2. Each Party shall take effective and active steps to detect, deter and punish corruption, money laundering, participation in an organised criminal group and obstruction of justice that contributes to trafficking in persons.

3. Each Party shall ensure that its legal system is efficient to deal with trafficking in persons cases.

4. Each Party shall adopt such measures as may be necessary to ensure coordination of the policies and actions of its government’s departments and other public agencies against trafficking in persons, and where appropriate, set up coordinating bodies to combat organise4d crimes such as trafficking in persons, corruption, money laundering and obstruction of justice.

5. Each Party shall, consistent with the domestic laws of the sending and the receiving Parties, through informal cooperation or mutual legal assistance where appropriate, encourage the victims of trafficking in persons to voluntarily enter and stay temporarily in the territory of the receiving Party for purposes of testifying or otherwise cooperating in the prosecution of their traffickers, with due regard for the safety of the victims of trafficking in persons.

6. Each Party shall provide or strengthen training programmes for relevant officials in the prevention of and fight against trafficking in persons, with focus on methods used in preventing trafficking, investigating and prosecuting the traffickers, and protecting the rights of the victims, including protecting the victims and their families from the traffickers, and the privacy of the victims.

7. Each Party shall take all necessary steps to preserve the integrity of the criminal justice process including through protecting victims and witnesses from intimidation and harassment, where necessary, and punishing perpetrators of such acts, in appropriate cases.

8. Each Party shall, where appropriate, establish under its domestic laws a long statute of limitations period in which to commence proceedings for any offence covered by this Convention and a longer period where the alleged offender has evaded the administration of justice.

9. Nothing contained in this Convention shall affect the principle that the description of the offences established in accordance with this Convention and of the applicable legal defences or other legal principles controlling the lawfulness of conduct is reserved to the domestic laws of a party and that such offences shall be prosecuted and punished in accordance with that law.