Article 6

1. The State Parties to the Convention shall grant to each other the widest measure of mutual legal assistance in respect of investigations, inquiries, trials or other proceedings in the requesting State in respect of offences under this Convention. Such assistance shall include:

a) taking of evidence and obtaining of statements of persons;

b) provision of information, documents and other records including criminal and judicial records;

c) location of persons and objects including their identification;

d) search and seizures;

e) delivery of property including lending of exhibits;

f) making detained persons and others available to give evidence or assist investigations;

g) service of documents including documents seeking attendance of persons; and

h) any other assistance consistent with the objectives of this Convention.

Requests for assistance shall be executed promptly in accordance with their national laws and in the manner requested by the Requesting State. In the event that the Requested State is not able to comply in whole or in part with a request for assistance or decides to postpone execution it shall promptly inform the Requesting State and shall give reasons for the same.