Article 7

1. The offences referred to in the present Convention shall be regarded as extraditable offences in any extradition treaty which has been or may hereinafter be concluded, between any of the Parties to the Convention.

2. If a State Party which makes extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty, receives a request for extradition from another State Party with which it has no extradition treaty, the Requested State shall, if so permitted by its laws, consider this Convention as the basis for extradition in respect of the offences set forth in Article III.

3. Extradition shall be granted in accordance with the laws of the State to which the request is made.

4. The State Party in whose territory the alleged offender is present shall, if it does not extradite him or her, submit, without exception whatsoever and without undue delay, the case to its competent authorities for the purpose of prosecution in accordance with the laws of that State.

5. In States where extradition of their nationals is not permitted under their law, nationals who have committed offences under the present Convention shall be prosecuted and punished by their courts.